Therapist Biographies

Timothy Trenary, MA., LMFT. - ( Clinical Director)

Timothy Trenary, LMFT. is the clinical Director at Ramsey Family Therapy. Timothy received his Masters Degree in Psychology and a Post-Graduate Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Kean University. He has experience with Anger Management Counseling, Conflict Resolution Therapy, Substance Abuse Groups, but since entering the field has focused most of his experience on working with couples and families. Timothy's belief is that the greatest conflict between couples and families is the individual's inability to understand their own vulnerability. "People are taught from birth to show strength and hide their emotions which leads them down the path of being self-serving and closed off to others. With the widening of one's own perspective, couples may learn to be truly vulnerable with their partner and pass down for generations to come the power of positive communication." Timothy has previously worked as a staff therapist at Wayne Counseling Center (Wayne, NJ) and Pascack Mental Health Center (Park Ridge, NJ), as well as his own private practice in Ramsey, NJ since 2014. He has been the Clinical Director of Ramsey Family Therapy since 2015.

Mofeeda Hassan, MA., LAMFT.

Mofeeda is a staff therapist at Ramsey Family Therapy. She has been a part of the Ramsey team since 2017. With a Masters Degree in Psychology and a Post-Graduate degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, Mofeeda has focused her experience on working with couples and families. Mofeeda describes her therapeutic approach as "I am an Experiential Family Therapist who integrates various modalities in my holistic approach to therapy. I often bring in strategies from across the MFT landscape including but not limited to Narrative Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, and even Play Therapy when working specifically with families. I truly feel joy every day knowing that my works makes a difference in so many lives. I love what I do and every day is a new adventure I look forward to concurring with my clients."

Sersaray Basarir, MA., LAMFT.

Sersaray is an associate licensed marriage and family therapist with Ramsey Family Therapy since 2018. She has her Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the Psychology Department at Kean University of New Jersey. Her primary therapy modality is Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). Stated in her own words,

“As individuals, we are made up of our emotions; we think and act according to the way we feel, most...if not all the time. Our family and friends, our society, and our constant exposure to media of the world will naturally affect our emotions heavily during our daily life, and if we do not know ourselves, if we cannot understand our own personality, we will get lost through the mixture of messages we receive. We often find ourselves confused which can lead to panic, which in turn causes mistakes of thought processing and actions.

The key is to understand ourselves by looking inward, so that we may better understand the world and those people around us.”

Sersaray assists her clients in exploring, understanding, and then finding healthy/thoughtful ways to express and verbalize these emotions. Sersaray’s belief is that “love” is our main nutrient, and we should start with loving ourselves. She has been working with children and families, couples, as well as individuals from teenagers through adulthood.

Additionally, Sersaray possesses an Art degree, which has allowed her the opportunity to implement Art Therapy with her clients.

Finally, Sersaray is an active member of the US Army. When she is not working or on duty she can often be found enjoying time with her family, friends, and her 2 dogs.

Kerrie Ragan, LAMFT.

"I enjoy working with individuals, couples, and teens and their families. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Nyack College.

I really pride myself on creating a genuine, personable, and caring rapport with my clients. I want to hear your story! I also really value a good sense of humor and will incorporate that into our sessions together when appropriate. If you are looking for a super serious, no smiles therapist- then I am not your girl!

Theoretical orientation-wise, I work mostly in a Cognitive-Behavioral and Experiential Therapy view lens. So, be prepared to do good work during our sessions together and learn more about yourself in an effort to improve how you view yourself and your interactions with the other’s you are surrounded by in your life!

Outside the therapy room- I am an animal lover, crafter, and experience seeker. So when not in the therapy room, I can be found talking about my pets and researching new places to go to and new things to try!"

Irene Sullivan, MA., MFT, MAFP

Irene received her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Kean University and a Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Stated in her own words,

"Helping individuals, couples and families navigate through and beyond short-term and long-term challenges and crises is at the core of my practice as a therapist.

My work has one essential goal: to help people feel emotionally safe and stable in their relationships (romantic, family and platonic), and extending this comfort and confidence into other realms of daily life and routines. My approach to therapy begins by creating a safe environment for people where they can have the space and support they need to flourish and begin utilizing strengths they already have, but may not be aware of.

My experiences extend to working with couples, families, and individuals, and I believe that by working holistically, I can best support the people in exploring the impact their interactions have on them. This will assist in having a deeper and stronger understanding of self. I have helped people address and work through depression, anxiety, grief, domestic violence, sexual assault, family life cycle issues, relational problems, and transitional issues with individuals, couples, and families.

I believe therapy is not about shrinking problems, but rather expanding a person’s understanding of themselves and their experiences. My goal in working with you will not be to minimize your current challenges, but rather, to expand and better understand your perspective and awareness, and empower you to achieve your therapeutic goals."

Brisi Sono, MA., MFT.

Ms. Sono has a Master's in Marriage & Family Therapy. Additionally, she has a background in Psychology with a concentration in Child Development Psychology, Early Childhood Education and Creative Arts. Brisi's experience extends through working with adult individuals, adolescents, couples and families in such areas as anger management, anxiety, depression, domestic violence, eating disorders, family transition issues, sexual assault/violence, trauma and suicide.

"I believe teamwork makes any healthy relationship work. I also know there is beauty and light in even the darkest of times. One just has to know how to access the light and continue to choose it. In and out of the therapy room, It is important to have a framed mindset within which emotional, mental and relational growth is nurtured and supported. As a systemically trained family therapist, I believe we all have the ability to empower ourselves and those around us in order to help change and harness the relationships, as well as the quality of life we envision. The key is to explore, validate and work on healing the problems that prevent us from thriving in a safe space; not alone, but together. That is my goal in working with you: to offer an empathetic, safe and validating therapeutic space from which we can explore and collaboratively work to heal what aches you and/or your loved ones."

"I hope to support you and help you hold your flashlight as you pave the way through your healing journey."

Juliana Ardizzone, MA., LAC.

Juliana received her Bachelor’s degree in psychology from The College of New Jersey, and Master's degree in counseling with a concentration in Clinical Mental Health from Montclair State University.

"I am licensed as a Licensed Associate Counselor (LAC) in the state of New Jersey and am certified as a National Certified Counselor (NCC). I take a person-centered approach to therapy and incorporate techniques and modalities from cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, solution focused therapy, and strengths-based therapy. I have worked with a variety of people that range in age from 7 to 75 years old providing individual, couples, family, and group counseling services with several presenting issues such as mood disorders, anxiety disorders, developmental disorders, substance use disorders, and relationship problems. My goal in counseling clients is to build a strong therapeutic relationship with them and empower them to make changes in their lives that create a life worth living."

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